My first published fiction, a short story/novella titled “Shortcut to Happily Ever After,” was the first story in the April 2023 issue of Metaphorosis Magazine.



Daniel is a hopeless romantic who uses time travel to find love. Whenever he meets someone new, he jumps to the future to see if their relationship lasts and if it doesn’t, he returns to the present to cancel the first date before anyone gets hurt. But when his dating strategy starts ruining the fabric of time, Daniel has to go back and live through every relationship he skipped, discovering what he missed the first time around.

You can read it here on their website, along with a podcast version narrated by Metaphorosis host Matt Gomez:

You can also listen to the YouTube version of the podcast here:


The full April issue is also available on Kindle and Paperback:


I also answered a one-question interview with Metaphorosis here:

A question for Ben Wan


Metaphorosis also included a mini biography for me here:

About Ben Wan

Cover art by Gabriel Rosswell, based on “Shortcut to Happily Ever After”
Big thanks to Le’Ander Nicholson at Believeland for the support and pushing me to publish my original stories, as well as Matthew Lowe for helping me find Metaphorosis Magazine for submitting this one!
Grateful to editor B. Morris Allen and Metaphorosis for the opportunity of publishing my first fictional work. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future!