Doctor Who: The Ronin of Time

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What If Robin Was In The Dark Knight Trilogy? (2017 Pitch)

Imagine an alternate sequel to The Dark Knight. What if instead of quitting Batman, Bruce Wayne became MORE consumed with being Batman after seeing that Harvey Dent couldn’t succeed him in protecting Gotham? And what if, in Alfred’s attempt to make him get in touch with his Bruce Wayne side, he took him to the charity circus and saw the Graysons die? I went into this in this clip from a 2017 episode of SuperHouse Podcast (now Superhero Stuff You Should Know), for an alternate third entry in the series and I envisioned this paving the way for a second trilogy involving Bruce and Dick’s fight for Gotham, with Dick growing up and the final film being a different ending for Bale’s Batman. Apologies for audio issues as the keyboard clacking, coughing, and sniffing come from the other SuperHouse Podcast hosts in the recording.

The Origin of the Name Robin (2019)

We know why Bruce Wayne chose to become Batman in order to strike fear, but why does Dick Grayson name himself Robin? It’s not exactly a fear inducing name and it’s not related to bats either. Common versions, since the 1995 film Batman Forever, have “Robin” as a nickname that his parents would call him, but this also feels too personal for Dick to be okay with other characters taking on the mantle of Robin later. In the original comics, the explanation was that Bruce Wayne was the first Robin, who donned the costume when he was getting detective training from Detective Harvey Harris, who gave him the name. Bruce then passed it along. In a clip from my podcast’s dive into Batman Forever, I pitch an idea where the Robin name would make sense that incorporates ALL of the above elements.

The Batman-Joker Team-Up Movie (2018)

Back in 2018, I pitched an alternative idea of how the movies could handle a new dynamic for Batman and Joker, without retreading on the same ground as Batman 1989 or The Dark Knight…by having them team up against a common enemy. Funny enough, it looks like Zack Snyder had the same thing in mind for the Knightmare universe in his Justice League trilogy. But mine is definitely different.

Justice League: The Time Travel Cut

Directly after the release of 2017’s Justice League and before the full story was known about the Zack Snyder cut, I pitched a rewrite of Justice League to reboot the cinematic universe. In a Terminator 2-esque spin, the Flash/Barry Allen travels back in time to help Batman form the Justice League in order to stop Darkseid from turning Earth into the “Knightmare future” from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Below is both the 12 minute condensed video essay version. Underneath that is the full 30 minute version, with more character beats and emotion.

The condensed 12 minute video essay version
The full 30 minute version

Bringing X-Men Into the MCU (2017)

Four years before WandaVision…with the news that Disney was acquiring Fox, I pitched a way for the X-Men to be brought into the MCU, through giving Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch a bigger spotlight, as well as what to do with Deadpool. Some of my predictions came true, as you’ll see in the headlines. Others…not so much. While this obviously isn’t exactly what happened, I still like the idea of Captain America inadvertently inspiring the MCU version of Magneto, even though the latter’s story has been explored a ton already on film.

Joker II, Feat. Batman

During our deep dive into 2019’s Joker on Superhero Stuff You Should Know, I pitched a sequel of how Bruce Wayne/Batman could feature as the antagonist to Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck/Joker and what fucked up version of Batman we’d end up seeing in this continuity.

Man of Steel 2: Man of Tomorrow (Superman) (with Andrew Bush)

Collaborated with my co-host, Andrew Bush, to pitch ideas to continue Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU by building off of what Zack Snyder established, continuing the themes from Man of Steel, and introducing a different take on a Superman villain who’s never been in a live action movie before. We played a lot with themes here and took inspiration from Joe Kelly’s Superman Vs. The Elite, which itself was based on his comic What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?