Alter Ego #1 (2024-)

“Shortcut to Happily Ever After,” Metaphorosis Magazine, April 2023


Daniel is a hopeless romantic who uses time travel to find love. Whenever he meets someone new, he jumps to the future to see if their relationship lasts and if it doesn’t, he returns to the present to cancel the first date before anyone gets hurt. But when his dating strategy starts ruining the fabric of time, Daniel has to go back and live through every relationship he skipped, discovering what he missed the first time around.

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Phantasm Compendium: A Journey Behind-the-Scenes into the Phantasm Films

“The Phantasm Compendium dives deep into the world of Phantasm. Join author Ben Wan as he sits down with the original creators behind the horror classic film series and learns surprising details about how the films were made. In addition to extensive discussions with the Phantasm stars, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister and Kat Lester, the Phantasm Compendium also includes a major interview with the beloved Tall Man, Angus Scrimm. This exciting book also includes 15 color photographs and an introduction by Phantasm’s writer-director, Don Coscarelli.”

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