TV Specs (Available for Download)

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Disneyland

Photoshopped image by my research assistant Dan Yamat

The Curb Your Enthusiasm episode they could never make. Larry is forced to go to the one place he’s been trying to avoid for years: Disneyland.

Click here to check out the script and behind-the scenes notes on what inspired it.

Gotham- Vampire

When his favorite teacher is found murdered, Bruce Wayne volunteers to help Detective Gordon find the killer – a costumed psychopath who drains his victims of their blood. Their battle against this “vampire” makes this their first case together before they become Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

Click here for my own breakdown of the script and the comic book Easter Eggs within.

Elementary – The Death of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock gets infected with a deadly virus while investigating a murder, forcing him to put his life in the hands of Joan as he tries to solve what could potentially be his own murder.

Inspired by The Adventure of the Dying Detective by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the script and Sherlockian Easter Eggs

Original TV Pilots (Available on Request)

One hour drama

Alter Ego

In a city ruled by supervillains, a mysterious outsider goes undercover as a henchman to take down the empire from the inside and fulfill his revenge against their leader.

The Trust

A disgraced reporter recruits a jaded politician into helping her expose corruption in LA while taking down the people who set her up.

Red States

Based on the novel Red States by Anthony P. Jones

Mini-series pilot

The estranged daughter of a Triad mob boss gets roped into working for the CIA to stop her father’s terrorist plans of attacking the U.S. on the Fourth of July.

Just Be Yourself

One hour dramedy pilot. (Co-written with Nicola Georgara)

Based on a true story about Become Sharp

Determined not to die alone, a shy Asian cancer patient begins training under a group of “anti-pickup artists,” who teach dating to awkward minorities like him and just hired the woman who’ll become their first female coach. Cobra Kai meets Hitch.

Musashi and Son

Based on the graphic novel Musashi by Sean Michael Wilson and Michiru Morikawa

Animation pilot

Legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi trains an orphan in the ways of the samurai as they hunt for the criminals who killed the boy’s father, unexpectedly turning the warrior into becoming a father himself. 

TV Specs

Mad Men- Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Script Pipeline TV Writing Finalist, 2011

Scriptapalooza TV Semifinalist 2011

While fighting Betty over who will spend Christmas with their children, Don confronts his past when he’s assigned to pitch to Teddy Baptiste…the ad man who taught him everything he knows. (Set after Season 3, “Shut the Door, Have a Seat”)

White Collar- Deception Game

NBC Writers on the Verge submission, 2012

Neal and Peter set out to stop a master art thief named Henricus but find themselves on opposing sides when Henricus blackmails Neal into helping him steal an exhibit from the Guggenheim Museum.

Person of Interest- The Lions’ Den

NBC Writers on the Verge Class 2012-2013

After learning that a wrongfully accused man will be assassinated in jail, Reese discovers that the only way to stop the murder is to turn himself in and become a prisoner in Rikers Island.    

Original TV Pilots

Pulling Strings

Script Pipeline TV Writing Finalist 2011 

A slick mob lawyer uncovers a conspiracy theory that threatens to ruin his criminal family, leading him to make them change directions in the most drastic way possible- turning legitimate.

Stage Two

NBC Writers on the Verge Class 2012-2013

An army doctor gets diagnosed with Stage II leukemia and has to return home to his estranged family, who blames him for the death of his brother years ago. As he undergoes treatment, he uses his medical skills to heal wounds- both physical and emotional- in the hope of redeeming himself for his past.