As we got closer to the holidays towards the end of 2023, I thought it would be cool to adapt a Batman-Christmas story for Neuverse Creative, in a similar way that Batman Forever: Night of the Reaper and The Dark Knight: Fears were released around Halloween. I went through the different Christmas stories out there and considered a few for Keaton and Pattinson. But along the way, I was reminded that I hadn’t touched the universe of Batman: The Animated Series. One of the most famous Christmas stories was the mini anthology of The Batman Adventures Holiday Special and soon, I latched onto the idea of adapting White Christmas since the TV series never did it.

It was a beautiful follow-up to Heart of Ice, but understandably would not have fit into The New Batman Adventures episode Holiday Knights, since at that point, Nora Fries was not only alive, but also cured in the movie Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero. Since Neuverse Creative had already done a Sub-Zero adaptation, with Simon Mitchell as Batman and Brett Solferino as Mr. Freeze, I figured White Christmas would be a fitting prequel to that adaptation.

This also felt easier than the other short audios since this comic was actually written for this version of the character already, while I had to adapt the others to the different Batman interpretations.

In general, I also thought the narration format could help add more insight into Batman’s thoughts during the adventure, most notably his reaction to the little girl asking him if he was an angel.

The best thing about the narration, however, was that it allowed me to reveal that Nora Fries was alive in the last line, giving us a happier note to end the story than the original comic.