Photoshopped image by my research assistant Dan Yamat

The Curb Your Enthusiasm episode they could never make. Larry is forced to go to the one place he’s been trying to avoid for years: Disneyland.

Behind The Scenes

To get this out of the way- yes, I know Curb Your Enthusiasm doesn’t have scripts. It has outlines for the story but the dialogue itself is improvised.

But since the whole idea of this was to write the Curb episode that they’d never do, it seemed a little cheap to simply do an outline/treatment without filling things in.

Back in November, I went with a friend to Disneyland for her birthday. It was the first time we had gone since COVID and there were a few things that came up that made me wonder what Larry David would say about it:

  • The trams from the parking lot weren’t around anymore so everyone had to walk
  • The Christmas decorations were already up, only a week after Halloween
  • We were talking like we usually do and occasionally, we’d slip out a swear word in the park and wondered if anyone would yell at us for doing it there in front of children
  • We lamented the end of Fast Passes and noticed how Space Mountain used the Fast Pass lane for handicapped access as we passed the line
  • I discovered firsthand that the Blackened Chicken Mac and Cheese IS penne pasta at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. It was actually at the restaurant that I wondered what Larry would say to the waiter about it and the idea of “Larry David at Disneyland” first occurred.

And while I didn’t ride Splash Mountain, my friends did and ended up getting splashed. With the sun going down early after Daylight Savings, things got dark early and they had to buy new clothes, including the fluffy wool Mickey Mouse sweater in the script. Thankfully, our story ended with us enjoying the rest of the day in the park until closing, rather than what happens to Larry in this.

I knew this episode could never happen. Disneyland would never allow a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode to be filmed there or for the park to be portrayed in this way.

So I ended up taking advantage of the opportunity to add a few things that would rarely happen on the show or get acknowledged. Such as my explanation on the reason why Larry’s friends seem to forgive him between episodes is because of how much he does for them as a friend.

Or how, in the subplot with Cheryl, Larry’s grumpy demeanor, especially around Disneyland, is revealed to not just come from his misanthropic tendencies but might also come from sadness and pain.

And lastly, showing Jeff finally standing up to Susie after seasons of cowering from her (and getting his comeuppance at the end anyway).

It was a fun script and may be the last foray into “fan fiction,” at least for awhile. Hope you enjoyed it.